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The idea is to buy the mattress according to your comfort needs and a Box Bed (upholstered base bed) and thus form your Box Set. The Box Beds are specially made to support the weight of the users, providing greater comfort and greater life of mattresses. And it can be used to form your box set any type or model of mattress that meets your personal comfort profile. It is ideal that this mattress has a height above 24 cm to make your set more attractive and, if you use mattresses with a height of less than 24 cm, you will have a lower bed height (bed + feet + mattress) and your sets + high.  To know more about Mattress Sale Houston, seek help online.

Choosing the wrong mattress can cause you to feel unwell tired and even has headaches.

• The life of a mattress scan vary from 1 to 10 years depending on the materials and finish used

• When choosing a mattress for a couple, consider the weight and height of the larger spouse

• On very “soft” mattresses the spine is “twisted”, the very “hard” ones do not fit the contour of the body.

Paying attention to personal taste

To make a good choice of your mattress, you should pay attention to your personal taste of comfort and that your body is accustomed and has preference. The mattress lines available areOrthopedic  Foam (D45 and D33)  springs (Bonnel and Pocket). Always seek to check the line of your current mattress and its features and benefits, and the level of satisfaction that this product has provided. And so you can make a good choice that fits your personal taste.

The Mattress IDEAL

The ideal mattress is one in which the spine molds into the correct position, and properly supports the weight of your body, providing rest. Always lie flat on the back (belly up) or in lateral decubitus (side). Avoid lying down on your stomach, in this position the spine is unsupported and becomes painful.

The best way to sleep is one that allows total relaxation of muscles, especially muscles back, lumbar, dorsal and cervical areas, which have no rest throughout the day.

Very Hard Mattress

That hard model, which does not adapt to the curves of the spine, should be avoided as it creates uncomfortable pressure points on your shoulders and hips.

It is worth noting that improper positioning or improper movement of bones can cause malfunction of tissues and organs throughout the body. It tortures the spine and can hurt the hips, shoulders and thighs. A mattress like this also requires a lot of muscles when they should rest.

Very Soft Mattress

A very soft mattress can cause curves or distortions on the surface, promoting a misalignment of the spine.

The vicious strain that the cervical, dorsal, lumbar, and gluteal muscle does to restore the natural position of the spine during sleep, leaves the muscles tense, produces discomfort and pain in the morning, aggravating posture problems. Instead of molding them, it sinks, diverting the column.

The Best Mattress

All body curves should be supported and the spine straight, without being forced. If we use a very hard mattress, you can “bend” the spine and injure your hips, shoulders and thighs. Your muscles tense, when they should rest. If we use a very soft mattress, it does not give correct support for the heavier parts of the body, such as hips, thighs and shoulders. Instead of molding them, he seriously sinks them to sleep on his stomach it is forbidden to sleep on his stomach, for he forces the lower back and the neck and accentuates problems of lordosis, low back pain and scoliosis.

The Right Pillow

The pillow should work as a compensation instrument, preventing the weight of the head from straining the cervical spine and its muscles. Therefore, the material will set the level of touch and comfort. However, one should be aware of the thickness of the pillow. It must have the same thickness to fill the space between shoulder and head in order not to force the cervical.